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    Selling my bike I've owned for 13 years. I hate to get rid of her, but I only had it out 3-4 times in 2013, a couple of times in 2014 and that was just to keep it from sitting. $4500 * 2000 ZX-12R Candy Persimmon Red * Mileage:*Less than 2000 miles on motor*, 17,5xx on bike * Transmission...
  2. ZX-12R
    Hi i am new to the site but already its been a great help, thanks I want to upgrade my front brake to brembo callipers and radial brembo master cylinder as from the threads here that seems best option picking up second hand parts. Qu.... do any of the brembo callipers fit without an adapter...
  3. ZX-12R
    I know somebody here may have a factory manual for the B models,mine is a B4 but I think is the same for all the B models. Last tuesday some asshole punk get inside my house and steal all my electronics and jewerly including my laptop and desktop.I lost all my ebooks and pdf's including the 12r...
  4. ZX-12R
    any 12r riders in southwest mich? like benton harbor st joe area?
1-4 of 4 Results