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  1. ZX-12R
    Im new here hoping to get a hand just bought a pc5 for a 2000 zx12r i picked up has a full muzzy exhaust extended swing arm and a couple other goodies with only 6,000 miles on the bike. I also bought the map switch so if at all possible get some maps from anyone willing? looking for a fuel...
  2. Member Classifieds
    Hey guys! finally back on this forum! Just bought a 2000 zx12r last month. I own and have owned many Kawai's but since the release of the 12r in 2000 I've been lusting for one. (Still have my 6r though...lol). My question for you guys is, does anyone have a chrome shorty slip on for sale or...
  3. ZX-12R
    Freaking out its here! Needs lower engine bearings and paint. I will be putting pics up soon. Bike has list of mods including titanium Muzzy exhaust, power comander, 6 inch extended chrome swing arm. Im in love! Its parked right next to my 2007 Suzuki M109R! Will be looking for some misc...
1-3 of 3 Results