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  1. ZX-12R
    A nice way to mount sat nav, camera etc is via the steering yoke using an expandable bolt ball mount. That's fine if, on removing your yoke nut you find a nice 1.5 inch hole that will take said expandable bolt. Enter the A2 with a solid metal rod beneath the yoke nut making this a little less...
  2. General Discussion
    Well I bought this ninja 250 off of Craigslist and I cant seem to figure out the problem. When I first got it the bike ran for about 2 hours no problem, thats when I was figuring the bike out. I started heading to work and the bike turns off. I pull over and it comes right back on and I head...
  3. ZX-9R
    Hi everyone. I have an '02 Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R - F1 I'm pretty new to doing my own light maintenance, and until today, I haven't had any issues. A couple of weeks ago I invested in some 611 chain cleaner - which works like a dream. I also heard great things about Simple Green, but the 611 was...
1-3 of 3 Results