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2012 ninja zx14r

  1. Please read, vote, and be heard on kawasakiworld.com

    Please take 30 second to read and vote on this idea on kawasakiworld.com for the NEW 2012 and onward Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R:king: http://kawasakiworld.com/zx-14/46977-please-site-zx14r-needs-its-own-category-2012-onward.html Thanks for being part of the forum and having your voice be heard!
  2. Please site, ZX14R needs its own category (2012 onward)

    Hi. Thanks for listening to my feedback. I'm a Kawasaki zx12r owner, and would like to be a future zx14R owner :king:. Notice the "R" is capitalized? It's because I am not interested in a zx14 (prior to 2012). I would like the website to have its own "listing" (not sure this is the correct name...