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  1. KLR KLX
    Hi all. I’m fairly experienced at working with engines, but that being said, every engine has its own specific issues... I recently purchased a new to me trail bike. A 1995 klx250. That looked to be in decent shape. Other than some popping on decel and at idle”what little it would idle” ...
  2. 250R 500R
    Hello everyone, I am a COMPLETE newbie. I have only ridden 50 cc scooters at most at 6'3 210 lbs lol. Just recently a friend of mine offered to sell me his red 2009 ninja 250 for 2 grand. Because the price is such a steal, especially here in los angeles, i went ahead and purchased it. only gave...
  3. 250R 500R
    2011 Kawasaki 250R Ninja Pictures at the International Motorcycle Show
1-3 of 3 Results