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  1. zx6r battery keeps draining.. please help

    i have a 2002 kawasaki zx6r i just bought it . it has 8600kms on it .. brand new battery i trickle charged it for 24 hours and rode all day today. i started it about 5 times today and had no problems .. the last time i went to go start it nothing..i was able to bump start it and get it home. it...
  2. Toasted battery?!

    Hi all, I'm not new to this site as I've used it many times before and found some excellent advice, but I'm a new member and this is my first post! I have a 2001 zx12r that I love and have had no issues until Brighton burn up. Details as below! Basically, I think my battery may be fried. It's a...
  3. Getting to battery o ZX11

    i have a 2000 zx11 and need to get to the battery but not quite sure how to do so as its my first street bike i kno its under the seat/gas tank but dont kno how to get to it i dont want to mess anything up or take off anything i dont have to or should have please help thx
  4. Weird clunking noise,10 min later no more battery...

    Hi! First time actually posting something and I have to admit it ain't looking good... Last ride I had with my beloved '03 B2 the engine started making some clunki9ng noise shortly after launching on highway...finding this extremely strange I stopped and my buddy and I checked the sound...
  5. Alternator output voltage 79v @ 4000rpm

    Alternator output voltage 79v @ 4000rpm on all 3 outputs. Manual says it should be 85~120v @ 4000rpm. What could cause this? Battery reads 13.6v at 4000 rpm, lights on etc Manual says 14.2v~15.2, but is this with lights etc on? ZX12R PCR3 LCD Shifter Akro BMC 2005 model Going to test...
  6. Good Trickle Chargers?

    General Discussion
    My first Battery Tender Plus lasted me over 7 years. The last two that I've had have only lasted 2 years. Are there any new companies making trickle chargers that are better than the Battery Tender Plus? This is for the ZX-12R, so it would have to come with a quick disconnect cable, because...
  7. I need help

    I have a 2003 zx12r. I have been having some problems and was wondering if anyone can give me ANY advice. I rode my bike and then when i parked it, it would not start. The battery was dead. I took my battery out and charged it. At first my charger said that the battery would not hold a charge...