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  1. Front wheel bearing collapse on 2014 ZX14

    Hi guys, After many years of riding other marques, I bought a 2014 ZZR1400 late last year and commuted to work through the winter. In for it's 7,200 service yesterday and has been marked unsafe due to front wheel bearing collapse! :scared: The mechanic showed me that the wheel was literally...
  2. someth's wrong with the bearing, please help!

    Hi everyone! Yesterday i heard a weird sound from the front wheel and the bar started trembling. It was like someone would grind an empty beer can. I stopped immidiately,checked the brakes, then carefully rode half a mile, but that wouldn't repeat. I rode home, and when we made it back to the...
  3. 1986 Kawasaki Z1000 A - #3 rod issue

    General Discussion
    I am rebuilding a 1986 Z1000 A. I have it and a parts bike. They both have rod bearing issues. I am trying to find the best solution to fixing this problem on a budget. With it being an 86' I need help finding the appropriate parts and making sure I am building the strongest engine possible. Any...