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big bore

  1. Zx12R need Some advice.

    NOS and Turbo
    Hello everyone, I'm planning to build a Drag bike that will stay Street Legal. So with licence plate and paperwork. The bike i got is a Zx12R out 2001. For now i got the folowing part's ready to bolt on: Front fork straps and the fork lowered. Mtc multistage lockup clutch with muzzy clutch...
  2. Fuel Loading of cylinders

    My 03 zx12 Is flooding the cylinders with fuel and getting about 9 MPG. I just did a full rebuild and here is the basics... 1278 cylinder kit, port and polished head, power commander, Muzzy full exhaust, fuel injectors cleaned and flowed, degreed cams, ignition pickup modded, K&N. I threw a rod...