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  1. Stainless Steel Braided brake lines - shipping to Sweden

    Hi guys, Just bought a zx12r - 01 and been thinking about changing all original brake lines to stainless steel braided ones. First question; Do you feel any difference breaking with steel braided lines compared to original? Or is it just a cool thing with better life time? Second question; It...
  2. 12r front brake upgrade help

    Hi i am new to the site but already its been a great help, thanks I want to upgrade my front brake to brembo callipers and radial brembo master cylinder as from the threads here that seems best option picking up second hand parts. Qu.... do any of the brembo callipers fit without an adapter...
  3. ZZR1400 ABS Brake Wiring

    Gents ( andladies if around) I am looking for a little help with a wiring problem. I have managed over winter to shoe-horn a ZZR14 ABS system into ZX12R. I took it for a first spin last night and it pretty much worked fine. Fantastic actually, so I was very pleased. I am using a downloaded...
  4. "Free" full-floating rotors???

    In my endless "browsing" of the net in search of brake knowledge, I got the bright idea about picking with the rotor buttons. An hour or so of searching turned up this (no pics): "Stock Front Brake Rotors made Perfect for $0.00 I'd been cleaning, shaking, and freeing the front brake rotors...
  5. Brakes - Issue or just me?

    Brakes - Issues solved! For some reason, my bike has always stopped fine but I have never had a hard lever. I have put at least 16oz of fluid through it trying to get it firm but I am starting to think calipers are next. I have Ferodo XRAC pads, SS lines, and now a ZX10R Radial M/C. It...