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  1. ZX-9R
    I’ve been looking for a used one for my 1994 zx9r but they’re mostly all $300 or so. i’ve noticed that the later model ones (98-99) are a solid $100-$200 cheaper. what’s the difference between these? Any help would be appreciated as i’ve been looking for a couple days without luck
  2. KLR KLX
    Hi all. I’m fairly experienced at working with engines, but that being said, every engine has its own specific issues... I recently purchased a new to me trail bike. A 1995 klx250. That looked to be in decent shape. Other than some popping on decel and at idle”what little it would idle” ...
  3. Vulcan
    Hi All, Good to be here I read several threads looking for this answer rather than posting an allready asked question. I have a 96 Vulcan 1500 classic with a carb that may be ready for retirement. The plastic piece where the fuel line seems to be broken beyond repair. Question will a Cv carb...
1-3 of 3 Results