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  1. ZX-12R
    Hey there! I just bought an '02 ZX12R last week and have been trolling the forums looking for answers. This is my second bike after riding a '98 FZR600 for 4 years. The bike has a full muzzy exhaust, PC3USB, chrome everywhere, and some other wacky crap I'm still trying to figure out. I'm in...
  2. ZX-12R
    I am looking to get my swingarm, passenger pegs, and rearsets chromed. Does anybody know of a good reliable company who does it? And what it might cost?
  3. ZX-12R
    Does anyone know where to find this part or one like it? I've had no luck. I found a similar one on ebay, not quite as nice, but I lost the auction.... [/IMG][/IMG] AND,....is my 2000 the Persimmon Red or Passion Red,...I'm getting an undertail and I don't want to order the wrong color! HELP!
  4. ZX-12R
    I have the 2000 ZX12,...and I'm missing the air scoop, can anyone help with where I can get one? (would like it in chrome too!) Then I'm looking for the chrome replacement for the gas cap and the surrounding plate. I don't know what it's called.....HELP!
1-4 of 4 Results