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clutch assembly

  1. ZXR 750 H1 no power to the wheels when bike in gear

    I recently replaced inner clutch centre (I can say that it was a mission trying to get centre hub nut out with no clutch hold tool, eventually got it out by chucking a bunch of rags and using air gun) while removing nut there were occassions that both the inner spindle and basket was...
  2. Help!!!!!!!

    I am the proud owner of 2 kawasaki ninja zx12's (2000) I am having a issue with my clutches. I just replaced the fibers and springs. in exact order they came out. I was very careful about this. once all was put back together the bike turned on fine. but as soon as I put it in first it jumped...
  3. WTB- 00-01 Clutch Assembly

    No sooner than I get my charging system back up my entire clutch assembly took a crap. Need 1 really bad and ASAP. Primarily need the inner and outer clutch basket/hub. I can get the plates aftermarket. Please hit me up at [email protected] Thanks