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  1. ZX12R stator coil or rectifier problems?

    Hi. Is there anyone who can help me if my bike is okay, or just on the way down? It started with a melted plug between the stator coil and the rectifier! I just connected the wires (without a plug) and started testing according to the manual. The stator resistance is about 1,2 ohm measured on a...
  2. Alternator output voltage 79v @ 4000rpm

    Alternator output voltage 79v @ 4000rpm on all 3 outputs. Manual says it should be 85~120v @ 4000rpm. What could cause this? Battery reads 13.6v at 4000 rpm, lights on etc Manual says 14.2v~15.2, but is this with lights etc on? ZX12R PCR3 LCD Shifter Akro BMC 2005 model Going to test...
  3. Ignition coils for a 1982 Kawasaki KZ1100 Spectre

    General Discussion
    I need a couple of ignition coils for a 1982 KZ1100 Spectre... everything is backordered for 2 weeks and I need them priority mailed ASAP... Can anyone help out or know of anything? Thanks in advance.