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  1. Member Classifieds
    hi I am looking for a engine for a 2000 zx12 a1 model or for a case and jugs
  2. ZX-11
    Hi iam rebuilding a 99 zx11 engine and their is a vent tube with a rubber block on it shape like an S i can not find where this tube belongs i read the manual many times and searched google images to no avail.Can someone please help me i out on this thank you
  3. ZX-12R
    So I am working on a engine rebuild after a failed piston. Here is the link to the album of pictures but i have embedded the rest in this post Here What happened was..... I was traveling home from work and cruising a calm 150 mph. Eventually she started to loose power. Came to a sputtering...
  4. Two Strokes
    Hi kawasaki lovers I just bought a kx 250 2 stroke and rode like 3 times and it crapped on me I'm thinking of just going ahead and getting a Manuel for it to rebuild the motor but here is the problem I was told the bike was a 98 with a 01 motor so I ran the vin to check and it came back saying...
  5. ZX-14
    This thread will chronicle the events concerning my blown ZX14R engine, and what Kawasaki and the dealer do about it. Good or bad, I’ll let you all know how it goes. I have owned 16 bikes before this one, and I’ve ridden hundreds of thousands of miles, and never had a blown engine...
  6. ZX-12R
    Hey all. some of you may remember a couple of post I made about my now defunct zx12r,well I've decided to go for a ninja 1000 2013 brand new..so i'm parting out the ol'12 in parts and pieces. The bike had 30k KILOMETERS (about 19K miles on it) and it's a 2003. Everything is in near mint...
  7. ZX-9R
    ok i just bought a zx9r 98 model about two weeks ago and it makes a ticking noise towards the head area. its not very loud but bein scared of a bike thats new to me, im worried about it. im thinking that the valve clearance just needs checked but i have never really worked on a sportbike. it...
  8. General Motorcycle Discussions
    Kawasaki refines ‘flattened’ engine By Guy Procter 16 July 2009 14:05 Kawasaki’s next-generation Ninjas look set to feature this radical new engine design after plans for a ‘flattened’ motor were refined and re-patented for a third time in eighteen months. The dramatically re-imagined inline...
  9. Two Strokes
    By popular demand, here is a forum for the Kawasaki two stroke engine motorcycles. If you have a Kawasaki 2-stroke bike, post up a new thread and tell us about it and let's see some pictures! :thumbup:
1-9 of 9 Results