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fuel pump

  1. Fail pump or filter

    Hi guys. A few weeks ago, i had a problem with a sluggish at 8000 rpm... Did a real good clean on the fuel pump and the filters .... But as someone told me... it would happen again... Was ridding about 250 km p/h, and it wouldn't go faster... put one down, than up, and it kicked like a turbo...
  2. a1 parts for sale

    i have a bunch of 2000 zx12 A1 parts, i figured id post them up on here before ebay 220 mph speedo polished swingarm red wheels with the machine finished lip(factory)(with okay tires) ecu forks throttle bodies , rail, and injectors a hindle header (front section good, someone cut the midpipe ...
  3. Fuel pump

    Having searched a few threads I'm pretty sure I know the answer but I'd like second and third opinions. A few months ago I committed the cardinal sin of running my bike out of fuel. Totally stupid move on my part. And after bike died I managed to start it three or four times to get up a big...
  4. Still having fuel problems

    Hello and thank you in advance, So I figured that my fuel pressure regulator was bad on my throttle bodys... My 2001 zx12r was running great one day and the next it wouldnt start... Put the new regulator on and the bike is still not getting fuel... Everytime I disconnect the fuel line from the...