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fuel tank

  1. a1 parts for sale

    i have a bunch of 2000 zx12 A1 parts, i figured id post them up on here before ebay 220 mph speedo polished swingarm red wheels with the machine finished lip(factory)(with okay tires) ecu forks throttle bodies , rail, and injectors a hindle header (front section good, someone cut the midpipe ...
  2. WTB...Gas tank and Fairings for 2002 Zx-9r

    Hey I'm new to this forum. I have had my zx9r for years. It has 19,000 original miles. I decided I didn't like the color any more and wanted to have it painted. I gave all of the fairings and the fuel tank to a "friend" to have them painted after I spent a lot of time prepping them for paint...
  3. Looking for a 06-11 zx14 speedo gauge cluster and a black gas tank ?

    I am looking to buy a 06 to 11 zx14 speedo gauge assembly and I am also looking for a zx14 gas tank any color will do but black if I had a preference.