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  1. Fuel Level Sending Unit

    General Discussion
    Hey folks, I have a resurrected 92 zx1100c. I my fuel level sending unit is not functioning. I have seen on the bay of E a unit that is from a zx6 of the same year. They look identical, but the pig tail connectors are different lengths. Does anyone on here know if the parts are interchangeable...
  2. Help!A1 Fueling Problem

    Hello everyone! Have an A1,recently (3 months ago)i changed the spark plugs-iridium- synced the throttle bodies ,cleaned the injectors and adjusted the valves. The bike has yoshimura trs can with link pipe,Kn's,kleen removed,muzzy rotor 2,5 degrees and i bought a pc5 after selling my pc3usb...
  3. zx11 cuts out stalls??

    I've had three of these zx11s all have been great with no problems at all until now. Everything was great the bike ran killer then It sat in the rain for three days. I went out turned the choke on a lil as usual fired right up ran rough smoothed out I turned the choke off then less than a minute...
  4. Anyone know anything about the Power Commanders???

    Hello, I am on week 2 trying to diagnose the problem on my 01 zx12r... It was running great three weeks ago.. Went to start it the next day and she wouldnt start... I am starting to suspect the Power Commander 3 that is on there?? It seems as if my bike is not getting fuel... Fuel pump is good...
  5. Still having fuel problems

    Hello and thank you in advance, So I figured that my fuel pressure regulator was bad on my throttle bodys... My 2001 zx12r was running great one day and the next it wouldnt start... Put the new regulator on and the bike is still not getting fuel... Everytime I disconnect the fuel line from the...