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  1. KLX450 idles but dies immediately on throttle

    2013 KLX450 (only 300kms old) - Idles but dies immediately on throttle (as soon as you touch throttle it dies). Bike been sitting for a couple of months (was perfectly fine before storage). Have cleaned carb couple of times etc, all good. Electrics all ok. Driving me nuts - Any ideas?
  2. Need help: ZX12 idling problems

    My 2000 ZX12 is idling rough and hesitates some under all out acceleration. Tends to idle worse when engine is warmed up. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was the problem?
  3. High Idle Issues

    Hi everyone. I have an '02 Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R - F1 I'm pretty new to doing my own light maintenance, and until today, I haven't had any issues. A couple of weeks ago I invested in some 611 chain cleaner - which works like a dream. I also heard great things about Simple Green, but the 611 was...
  4. My Kawi idling

    If you hear some odd noises please, feel free to let me know