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ignition advancer

  1. WTB: 08' Kawasaki ZZR600 +4 Ignition Advancer

    I would like to find and procure a Factory Pro +4 Ignition Advancer part number RTR-KAW-89-04 for my 2008 Kawasaki ZZR600. If you have a new or used item I would be extremely interested in discussing price, shipping and any other important details. Thanks for reading.
  2. FS: Factory Pro +4 Ignition Advancer RTR-KAW-1

    The item I have for sale is new, never used but open Factory Pro +4 Ignition Advancer for the ZX600 85-93, ZX600C 85-02. If interested send me a message and I will gladly provide you with all the details. Thanks for reading.