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  1. 2012 KLX 250S vs 2012 Ninja 250R ( Costco )

    General Discussion
    Hi Everybody! I am new to the forum, so please forgive if posted in wrong spot. I am looking for a new Kawasaki .. Have decided either a KLX 250 S or a Ninja 250R. The cheapest I can find the KLX250S on the Costco deal is $4855 plus tax & dmv fees. (Kawasaki does not allow...
  2. KLX 150S Accessories

    Hi Guys, I'm a noob here in this site. i would like to know if there are accessories (after market) for my new bike KLX 150S that i just bought month before. Im from Philippines and i would like to upgrade this bike especially i wanted to buy inverted forks for this bike. Is there availability...
  3. Rear shock help !! please help

    General Discussion
    i was riding at my local track and i was bottoming my rear shock several times, so i decided to stop riding there was no damage or leaks in the begining. but after about 1-2 days there was alot of oil coming from the shaft and dripping on the floor, also the smell of gas was hanging around...