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  1. custom exhaust and powercommander

    I just picked up a 2000 ZX12 that has a Powercommander 3 USB and an exhaust system that consists of a stock header, catalytic converter delete, and Scorpion Tagma silencer (which according to the Scorpion website was designed for a GSXR 1000). The exhaust system was put together well and fits...
  2. New owner and new on forum...looking for pciii usb maps.

    All help welcome. Last week I trade my quad for a 2005 12r,she has all the goods including bmc race filters pc3 usb and the muzzy full exhaust.I noticed a weak power band under 3k, I think first the issue is a bad mapping .I do my reserch here and found it is a common problem with muzzy full...