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  1. WTB: Zx12r shortened drag shock

    Anyone got a shorter than stock drag shock for my A1 12 ? Ideally something like Penske. WHY ? Im in UK but shipping from anywhere OK. Am on a budget but realistic let me know if you have something. Also interested in trading my Muzzy titanium headers for sidewinders.( wishfully thinking)...
  2. WTB: Full Aftermarket Exhaust for 08' ZZR600

    Hi Everyone, First off, thanks for reading my post. I am looking for a full aftermarket exhaust (header, mid-pipe, and can) for my 08' ZZR600. I'm interested in finding an elusive Muzzy system but will settle for a Yoshimura, Hindle, or other system. So, with that said, if you have a system...
  3. Im looking for a 2000 zx9r muffler what mufflers will fit?

    Please help dealer wants lots of money for the muffler I want a cheap alternative or if anybody has a stock muffler sitting around I'm very interested also what mufflers from other bikes are compatible thank you so much in advance. 2000 zx9r
  4. New ZX12 owner

    Hey there! I just bought an '02 ZX12R last week and have been trolling the forums looking for answers. This is my second bike after riding a '98 FZR600 for 4 years. The bike has a full muzzy exhaust, PC3USB, chrome everywhere, and some other wacky crap I'm still trying to figure out. I'm in...
  5. need help/info on 1317/1427 pistons

    I am taking my 1270 apart and thinking of rebuilding it using the 87mm muzzys block that i have,the pistons i got whit the 87mm when i bought it (used) are not in the best shape and they are of the cut down type from JE my question is which pistons should i buy for the build and where do I get...
  6. New owner and new on forum...looking for pciii usb maps.

    All help welcome. Last week I trade my quad for a 2005 12r,she has all the goods including bmc race filters pc3 usb and the muzzy full exhaust.I noticed a weak power band under 3k, I think first the issue is a bad mapping .I do my reserch here and found it is a common problem with muzzy full...
  7. exhaust questions

    i want to custom fab a Jardine GP1 slip on exhaust to fit my stock zx12 header and get rid of the god awful huge muzzy can that i have installed now... does anyone know of anybody that has done this before, or even if the pipes are the same size or if its doable at all... any info will help...