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  1. NOS and Turbo
    Hello everyone, I'm planning to build a Drag bike that will stay Street Legal. So with licence plate and paperwork. The bike i got is a Zx12R out 2001. For now i got the folowing part's ready to bolt on: Front fork straps and the fork lowered. Mtc multistage lockup clutch with muzzy clutch...
  2. ZX-12R
    I have a 05 zx12 with short verlocity stacks,full muzzy exhaust,block off plates,pc3 and k&n filters......I'm currently at 178hp I want to break into the 200Hp or more without spending a lot of money on a big bore kit......How much spray will the stock motor hold and being that this is my first...
  3. NOS and Turbo
    Hi Guys I have a NX NOS kit fitted to my ZX12R and need a need a new Wheel for it I can only find them in US? does anyone have any idea where else in UK that sell? Thanks
  4. ZX-7R
    @ verge of buying a 1999 ZX7R-750, 'presuming that I can fix it!' OK the guy said that it ran well prior but became hard starting- thought carbs needed cleaning so he sprayed carb cleaner while trying to crank in his garage. Said that it was so loud that he kept holding down the start button for...
1-4 of 4 Results