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  1. 1986 Kawasaki Z1000 A - #3 rod issue

    General Discussion
    I am rebuilding a 1986 Z1000 A. I have it and a parts bike. They both have rod bearing issues. I am trying to find the best solution to fixing this problem on a budget. With it being an 86' I need help finding the appropriate parts and making sure I am building the strongest engine possible. Any...
  2. What does 4T on the oil jugs stand for?

    General Discussion
    Does anyone know what the 4T stands for on the oil jugs?
  3. Rear shock help !! please help

    General Discussion
    i was riding at my local track and i was bottoming my rear shock several times, so i decided to stop riding there was no damage or leaks in the begining. but after about 1-2 days there was alot of oil coming from the shaft and dripping on the floor, also the smell of gas was hanging around...
  4. Moly in Oil...

    Ok I am putting on my flame suit as I post this but I have been conducting a super secret test for the past two or so years or so and I figure no sense keeping it to myself any longer. I can't guarantee anything about it other than I never had to change the clutch or motor in either of my bikes...