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  1. Vulcan
    story of Vulcan 650 ( 2019 ) six months, 2000 Kms third service. Overheating, reasons untraced by service center. This is happening in Kawasaki India, Delhi. Any experts out there let me know solutions. Per my experience Kawasaki India, service centers are very averagly run. The solutions given...
  2. ZX-11
    I have a 92 zx11c and as the title states, I am not seeing my temp needle move during any run up of the bike. Below is what I did to test Followed manual for 94 zx11d and it shows brown wire and on the 92 it is a yellow wire that needs to be grounded to frame, it says to engine. Any who...
  3. ZX-12R
    Hey everyone. I need some advice. Yesterday My 2001 ZX-12r started smoking and leaking coolant during my return ride from Va beach. I looked down and the temperature needle was at the H. This didn't not occur until I ran into traffic. Just as I slowed down to stop the temperature went up...
1-3 of 3 Results