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  2. 88-07 Kawasaki Ninja 250 Parts!

    250R 500R
    Hi there- I am selling a parted-out 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 250 that only had 336 miles on it. I bought it in 2005 as a parts bike for my Ninja and it has sat in boxes on a shelf since. I'm selling everything that I have including the fairings and matching tank (with key). Everything is in like new...
  3. Wtb zx12 clutch basket

    I need a zx12 complete clutch basket a have a 2000 kawasaki zx12. The one I have exploded and I am missing lots of pieces any help? I have attached a picture of what mine looks like after the event.
  4. In search of OEM clutch cover for the 12

    Good day all. I'm brand spanking new to the forum but I regularly frequent the treads for a number of helpful tips. But this time I'm the one that needs help. I need an OEM clutch cover for my 12. I know I know... Ronayers... Lookin to see if anyone as a good used one. Thanks guys.
  5. looking for parts

    I need a rear seat cover for my 01 zx12.. The Tabs broke off due to girl hopping on back lol. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  6. /!\ zx12r 2003 for sale in parts /!\

    Hey all. some of you may remember a couple of post I made about my now defunct zx12r,well I've decided to go for a ninja 1000 2013 brand new..so i'm parting out the ol'12 in parts and pieces. The bike had 30k KILOMETERS (about 19K miles on it) and it's a 2003. Everything is in near mint...
  7. just bought 2000 zx 12r want to replace parts

    i am looking for aftermarket or custom parts for my zx 12r 2000 reasonably priced and in fair-good condition. pm me with price info and pics please thnx.
  8. Wtb zx6r motor

    hello. looking to buy a motor for a 01 zx6r asap. hit us on here or [email protected] thanks
  9. FS: Complete Part-out 05/06 ZX636

    Here's another part-out I have going. Well actually 3 complete part-outs :crazyloco: I am PayPal verified since Apr 30, 2008. CLICK HERE >> You can view my ZXF feedback by clicking the image below: Click on the pic below to view high res photos! Please check the parts/availability list...
  10. FS: Complete Part-out 07/08 ZX6R (black)

    I have a bunch of Kawi parts for the ZX6R. Mainly years 03-08. Here's a link to my 3d Flash page for my 07 ZX6R complete part-out. You can click on the magnifying glass icon to enlarge images. 07 ZX-6R COMPLETE PART-OUT You can click the link below to see my rep on the other forum. Good...
  11. Perfomance Tips!

    Looking for performance tips to enhance what i have already done to my ZX-12R, without going into the engine. I have a Muzzy full exhaust and Power Commander mapped and installed. :banghead: Thanks Kaw fam,
  12. Help with finding parts

    I have the 2000 ZX12,...and I'm missing the air scoop, can anyone help with where I can get one? (would like it in chrome too!) Then I'm looking for the chrome replacement for the gas cap and the surrounding plate. I don't know what it's called.....HELP!