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  1. Vulcan
    Hello everybody. Few months ago I have bought 2005 VN800 and that makes me third owner of the same motorcycle. Previous owner claims that he has only made this modifications to him: -K&N air filter -Dyno jet set -open exhaust sistem -balancing valves I have seen and read a lot of...
  2. ZX-6R
    2007 ZX6R sputtering at low rpms, from about 1000-3500 rpm. -After 3500 rpm bike runs smooth. -If i rev the bike in neutral and let go, the idling is smooth for a couple seconds then goes back to sputtering. Changed the spark plugs that didn't do anything. Bike has about 11k miles Really...
  3. Z750 Z1000
    Sorry for open a new topic for my problem but i didn't find this kind of situation in other forums. I have a Kawasaki Z1000 2005, and i have charging problems with it. When i start my bike and measure the voltage on battery there is ~ 10V and it dicrease.. When the RPM is over 3000 or more it...
1-3 of 4 Results