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  1. A2 mount solution for sat nav, camera etc

    A nice way to mount sat nav, camera etc is via the steering yoke using an expandable bolt ball mount. That's fine if, on removing your yoke nut you find a nice 1.5 inch hole that will take said expandable bolt. Enter the A2 with a solid metal rod beneath the yoke nut making this a little less...
  2. Garmin Nuvi 550 GPS mount for 2001 ZX-12R

    I had not seen a post for a GPS mount for a ZX-12r so I thought I would share what I did and works like a champ, I went with Garmnin Nuvi 550 because the battery life(nearly 8 hours) was the best and was waterproof. I chose this model over a Zumo just because the price was only 260 from amazon...