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  1. ZX-11
    Hi iam rebuilding a 99 zx11 engine and their is a vent tube with a rubber block on it shape like an S i can not find where this tube belongs i read the manual many times and searched google images to no avail.Can someone please help me i out on this thank you
  2. Two Strokes
    Hi kawasaki lovers I just bought a kx 250 2 stroke and rode like 3 times and it crapped on me I'm thinking of just going ahead and getting a Manuel for it to rebuild the motor but here is the problem I was told the bike was a 98 with a 01 motor so I ran the vin to check and it came back saying...
  3. ZX-12R
    Help with the rebuild (fairings) NOW with PICS! Okay, Got my plastics in (after market, so far so good) installed tail peice with no problems. Starting to install the upper upper. Now I know that head light bolts into the upper, but how does the upper attach to the fairing stay? Is it only...
1-3 of 3 Results