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  1. ZX12R stator coil or rectifier problems?

    Hi. Is there anyone who can help me if my bike is okay, or just on the way down? It started with a melted plug between the stator coil and the rectifier! I just connected the wires (without a plug) and started testing according to the manual. The stator resistance is about 1,2 ohm measured on a...
  2. Fried connector

    Hi Guys, I have a problem. A couple of months ago i bought a nice ZX-6R from 1999 with almost 46000KM on it. I have driven it only for 3 times. When driving it last time, i visited a friend and turned the bike of for about 30-60 minutes.When i wanted to start it again, it didn't start. I...
  3. 2001 ZX12R A2 - Charging Circuit Question

    Just put in a new stator (Rick's Electric p/n 268359). Alternator Output Voltage Check: AB and C leads are putting out around 67 vac each and are pretty consistent as I revved up to 4000 rpm. Reg/Rectifier Output Voltage Check: Plugged stator connector to volt/reg connector. With engine...
  4. Both Headlights Died at Once on my 2008 ZX10R

    Hey guys, Both my headlights stopped working on my way back home. I just had the voltage regulator replaced a few days ago. I don't think the new unit is OEM. I also have an HID kit which has been running great for 2 years prior to replacing the voltage regulator. Having both bulbs go out at...