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  1. General Discussion
    I have 2012 ZX10R just replaced clutches with OEM clutches but was doing this before. When riding normal it shifts fine. When I'm racing and start speed shifting gearbox heats up doesn't want to shift up or down feels like clutch isn't engaging. If I tighten the clutch cable it will shift I...
  2. ZX-14
    Hi Guys, Jus joined the wonderful site. Want your opinions over the shifting problems that i feel on my 2014 ZX 14. I brought it in January this year and from day one the problem is when i shift in from neutral to first, it makes a loud cranking noise. Now, I am familiar the typical clunk that...
  3. KLR KLX
    i have a 2009 klx250s ive riden it all weekend and had no issues with it i rode it just yesterday morning with out issue. When i got home from work to ride i noticed it would not shift any higher than 4th gear i really dont want to take it to a shop if its simple so please help!!
1-3 of 3 Results