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  1. ZX-12R
    2000 zx12r bought the bike a couple moths ago and there was no second. put a new trans in and now i have second however it skips around 5-6k rpms so i guess ill be doing it all over again (ebay parts) but here is my question.... am i limited to ordering trans parts for a 2000 -2001 or can i use...
  2. General Motorcycle Discussions
    I just purchased my zx9r, 1998 model, and I found that the 3rd and 4th input and output gears were stripped so I purchased a used set of cluster gears and swapped them out. After shortening the shaft to fit the clutch release mechanism and installing the clutches I can not shift gears. The...
  3. ZX-9R
    Hi all, this is my first forumn post, so forgive me for being new. I have a 2000 ZX9 E1 edition that is currently big bored to a 936cc, has Ohlins rear suspension, muzzy full stainless exhaust, Scott's steering Dampener and numerous other upgrades. My transmission started to go recently, i.e...
  4. ZX-11
    Anyone know of any other year tranny that will fit a 1993 zx 1100 ? Will a 1990 zx 1000 tranny fit ?
1-4 of 4 Results