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  1. ZX-12R
    i have a bunch of 2000 zx12 A1 parts, i figured id post them up on here before ebay 220 mph speedo polished swingarm red wheels with the machine finished lip(factory)(with okay tires) ecu forks throttle bodies , rail, and injectors a hindle header (front section good, someone cut the midpipe ...
  2. ZX-12R
    I am looking to find replacement wheels for my '02 12R. Does anyone know what wheels, either aftermarket or off another bike that has exact matching rotors pattern? I want to keep my existing front and rear brake rotors. I'm not interested in replacement wheels from another 12R. If this has...
  3. Member Classifieds
    I just picked up my first ZX12 over the weekend. It has recent (within the last month and less than 50 miles) white powder coated wheels. I'm looking to trade someone that likes white ones for BLACK or another dark color. If anyone wants to trade, let me know. If not, I will have them powder...
1-3 of 3 Results