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  1. 2000 zx12r A1 Blowing Main Fuse while riding.

    I bought this bike as a starter bike a few months back and in the last 8 months she has blown 3 fuses and there's really no tale tell signs it's about to happen or any form of riding that causes it. We'll call these fuse blowings "events." 1st event: Cruising at 100mph at about 4,500rpm. 2nd...
  2. Both Headlights Died at Once on my 2008 ZX10R

    Hey guys, Both my headlights stopped working on my way back home. I just had the voltage regulator replaced a few days ago. I don't think the new unit is OEM. I also have an HID kit which has been running great for 2 years prior to replacing the voltage regulator. Having both bulbs go out at...
  3. 92 zx11 c3

    got an issue with a 92 zx11 c3. Seem to have power to the fuel pumo even with ignition off. tested starter solenoid, key switch and fuel pump relay, all test ok. Is it safe to assume i have a bad fuel pump? the only other odd thing is that the fan and acc circuits are also ALWAY live. even...
  4. ZX12R Guru's please help

    Hey fellow riders, I have a few problems and really value the knowledge of people who know there stuff.. I dropped my 2004 ZX12R about ayear ago, now have made a custom kart using the heart of the ZX12. However i have some questions and would like to hear your thoughts....By the way this model...
  5. ZZR1400 ABS Brake Wiring

    Gents ( andladies if around) I am looking for a little help with a wiring problem. I have managed over winter to shoe-horn a ZZR14 ABS system into ZX12R. I took it for a first spin last night and it pretty much worked fine. Fantastic actually, so I was very pleased. I am using a downloaded...