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  1. Z750 Z1000
    So I have this weird problem: when engine is warm and I shut it off and try to start it right away (or after few minutes) it starts and dies right away - it seems like it lose power, because sometimes even the oddometer resets. It happenned a few times while driving too - suddently the engine...
  2. Z750 Z1000
    I have a 06 ZR750K same as a Z750S and I have changed my front sprocket and rear as well. went down 3 teeth in the back from 43 to 40 could only find the stock tooth count in front (15). Don't want to remove links in the chain and go smaller in the back need a 16 in front. I am a jockey weight...
  3. Z750 Z1000
    I have posted link to my video of my Z750 starting up, as the video shows there is what seems to be a bird in my engine so to speak .......... :m16: A friend of mine told me it could possibly be the cam chain tensioner.... I wondered if anybody else had any idea what it could be?? Any help...
  4. Z750 Z1000
    hi. I've searched through for similar problems where the bike won't start - but they are all cranking. mine won't even do that. 2005 z750 - i've only owned it a few weeks so quite p***ed off about it - I've only done about 100 miles 0f the 13500 on the clock. it always started and ran fine- in...
  5. Member Classifieds
    Looking for the whole front end from either a Z750 or a Z1000, any year, any condition. Fairing, windscreen, brackets, gauge panel, headlight(optional as I already have a 2004 one) Any help is appreciated as always!
  6. Z750 Z1000
    Hi I have a 05' Z750 and for the past week it has been making a noise when pulling away and when accelerating at low speeds. engine seems fine -> think the sound comes from gearbox or clutch. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Z750 Z1000
    Hi Z owners. I have a big problem so i wonder if anyone could help me. So my problem is that i crashed with my bike and i fixed almost evrything but i cant find a front wheel in my country. Does smone knows can i put a wheel from another model like zx maybe it looks little familiar with the Z...
  8. Z750 Z1000
    This forum is for the Kawasaki Z750 and Z1000 motorcycles. Post up a new thread and tell us about your Z750/Z1000 and include a few pictures. :mfclap:
1-8 of 8 Results