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  1. Z750 Z1000
    Alrighty, I did a tune up on my bike, not that big of a deal right, now she won’t start, new battery too... I’m lost, tried to back track but sill nothing. It won’t even crank
  2. Z750 Z1000
    So here's a little info on my dilemma. I recently purchased a 2006 Z750S. Got it for an amazing deal I couldn't pass up. I'm not a huge fan of the engine showing and want to make it a little more sportier. I love the way the bottom fairings look when I look them up on google. Only problem is I...
  3. Z750 Z1000
    What we have here is a small very slow leak that is coming out of a small hole on the bottom of my oil pump on my 06 ZR750K or Z750S I believe same motors in each. Anyway anyone know about this hole and what its for? Should I plug it? replace the pump? rebuild it? Only leaks when it runs and it...
1-3 of 3 Results