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    Please call me at 647 773 4656 or text for further information or email me at [email protected] Located in Toronto Canada.
  2. ZX-11
    Hi iam rebuilding a 99 zx11 engine and their is a vent tube with a rubber block on it shape like an S i can not find where this tube belongs i read the manual many times and searched google images to no avail.Can someone please help me i out on this thank you
  3. ZX-11
    :angry: Hey folks, I am having difficulty diagnosing a problem with 2nd gear. I can put it into 2nd, and 50% of the time I get synchronization but it may not stay synched. Seems to pop out of gear and engine revs if I'm pulling on the gas. Down shifting through 2nd is no problem, only on...
  4. ZX-11
    Hey KW members. :banghead:NewB here. I have posted in a much older post, but am not seeing any rebuttals. My problem is my project bike, 92 zx1100c. I have replaced battery, IC igniter, starter relay, starter solenoid, cleaned the carbs, put in fresh gas. There is an electrical problem...
  5. ZX-11
    i have a 2000 zx11 and need to get to the battery but not quite sure how to do so as its my first street bike i kno its under the seat/gas tank but dont kno how to get to it i dont want to mess anything up or take off anything i dont have to or should have please help thx
  6. ZX-11
    got an issue with a 92 zx11 c3. Seem to have power to the fuel pumo even with ignition off. tested starter solenoid, key switch and fuel pump relay, all test ok. Is it safe to assume i have a bad fuel pump? the only other odd thing is that the fan and acc circuits are also ALWAY live. even...
  7. ZX-11
    This Kawasaki ZX-11 Facebook Page is for anyone who loves the Kawasaki ZX-11. If you are fan of the ZX-11 and you're on Facebook, become a Fan: Kawasaki ZX-11 | Facebook And if you have friends on Facebook who also love the ZX-11, use the 'Suggest to Friends' link and let them know about it...
1-7 of 7 Results