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    I recently acquired the bike in a trade and the motor is already torn apart so im going to build a turbo motor and wont need this exhaust. Figured id sell instead of chopping up as they no longer sell these. I have no clue to what it is worth so im taking offers at this point. Located in...
  2. ZX-12R
    hi everyone, after service my battery had to be removed... Problem now is that i allways had a 24 hr clock on my dash, but now i only have the option to the 12 hr mode. Is there anyone out here who can help me with this? Kawasaki Netherlands can't help me... in the manual, nothing... From...
  3. ZX-11
    :angry: Hey folks, I am having difficulty diagnosing a problem with 2nd gear. I can put it into 2nd, and 50% of the time I get synchronization but it may not stay synched. Seems to pop out of gear and engine revs if I'm pulling on the gas. Down shifting through 2nd is no problem, only on...
  4. ZX-11
    Hey KW members. :banghead:NewB here. I have posted in a much older post, but am not seeing any rebuttals. My problem is my project bike, 92 zx1100c. I have replaced battery, IC igniter, starter relay, starter solenoid, cleaned the carbs, put in fresh gas. There is an electrical problem...
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    I have throttle body set with injectors, throttle cables, air pressure sensor, injector wiring for sale $70 everything works I also have another set of throttle bodies for sale it comes with injectors $50 I do have pics and can send them to whoever is interested
  6. ZX-12R
    I have a 05 zx12 with short verlocity stacks,full muzzy exhaust,block off plates,pc3 and k&n filters......I'm currently at 178hp I want to break into the 200Hp or more without spending a lot of money on a big bore kit......How much spray will the stock motor hold and being that this is my first...
  7. ZX-12R
    My 2000 ZX12 is idling rough and hesitates some under all out acceleration. Tends to idle worse when engine is warmed up. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was the problem?
  8. ZX-12R
    My 03 zx12 Is flooding the cylinders with fuel and getting about 9 MPG. I just did a full rebuild and here is the basics... 1278 cylinder kit, port and polished head, power commander, Muzzy full exhaust, fuel injectors cleaned and flowed, degreed cams, ignition pickup modded, K&N. I threw a rod...
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    2003 Kawasaki ZX12R For Sale 2003 ZX12R Color is Lime Green including the wheels. Only has 2200 total miles and I am the 2nd owner. Has never seen rain or snow and always kept in a heated garage or hangar. Just installed new front and rear Michelin Pilot Pure Tires, rear size 190. Fresh oil...
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    2000 zx 12.....need to sell fast to pay some debt.color changing paint and many extras......asking 3600 cash only...located in athens georgia call nick 706 372 7375
  12. ZX-12R
    me and a few other Zx12 riders decided to plan out a rally made up of solely Zx12 riders! i live in Massachusetts, but would like to get as many riders as possible from the New England area. send me a pm if you are interested/ know anyone who would be interested! Thanks, Chris
  13. ZX-12R
    Hey all. some of you may remember a couple of post I made about my now defunct zx12r,well I've decided to go for a ninja 1000 2013 brand new..so i'm parting out the ol'12 in parts and pieces. The bike had 30k KILOMETERS (about 19K miles on it) and it's a 2003. Everything is in near mint...
  14. ZX-12R
  15. ZX-12R
    I notice when i get close to red line my 02 zx12 misses 2nd i was thinking maybe i need to kick it harder or hold the lever up longer any idea whats the problem
  16. General Discussion
    I have a 2000 ZX-12r that is in great mechanical shape, but my plastics are pretty much all damaged. I'm looking for a set of plastics, preferably green, preferably not the Hong Kong stuff that I have been told to avoid. I'm also looking for a steering damper. If anyone has recommendations or...
  17. ZX-12R
    I am taking my 1270 apart and thinking of rebuilding it using the 87mm muzzys block that i have,the pistons i got whit the 87mm when i bought it (used) are not in the best shape and they are of the cut down type from JE my question is which pistons should i buy for the build and where do I get...
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    I bought a zx12r... i have had 1000's so a 1200 wasnt going to be that bigg of a deal. Im 17 and love racing. -pc3 -brocks sidewinder -muzzy box -10in over stock Bike ran great. put 150 miles on it. guy said it was rebuild 8k ago. Intown showing out wanted to do a 2nd gear burnout rolling down...
  19. ZX-12R
    Hey. I have a 2004 zx12 chassis,swing arm and shock for sale. Pm me if interested.
  20. ZX-12R
    yesterday when i cleaned Up my bike I found A big crack at the end of the frame on the lower area.Is a large crack all around the weld of the lower rear suspension link.I try to upload one picture of other disasambled bike (Thanks Shane) to show the afected area and the posible cause of the failure.
1-20 of 31 Results