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zx12r help

  1. Mapping a 01 with degreed cams

    Hello all, I'm new to the site but have been around it a bit and I haven't found anything about how to map a pcm v with degreed cams, .276/.280 cams that were installed I believe 3 degrees. Before putting the power commander 5 on it ran great but with a almost straight threw exhaust, lol, it's...
  2. I Need Help..Younnngg Newbie.

    I bought a zx12r... i have had 1000's so a 1200 wasnt going to be that bigg of a deal. Im 17 and love racing. -pc3 -brocks sidewinder -muzzy box -10in over stock Bike ran great. put 150 miles on it. guy said it was rebuild 8k ago. Intown showing out wanted to do a 2nd gear burnout rolling down...
  3. ZX12R Guru's please help

    Hey fellow riders, I have a few problems and really value the knowledge of people who know there stuff.. I dropped my 2004 ZX12R about ayear ago, now have made a custom kart using the heart of the ZX12. However i have some questions and would like to hear your thoughts....By the way this model...
  4. no power

    i have an 05 zx12 and well yes i was playing around and just tapping the starter swich and after the third time all power cut off and there is no power any way i try. i have checked every fuse on it, to no luck. pulled battery disconnected it and checked the fuses behind it and there fine also i...