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  1. 2000 A1 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R Front Fork Assembly

    I have a set of front KYB forks for sale from a 2000 A1 ZX-12R that are in very good shape. I did not clean them as they were sitting for a long time in the previous owners garage and they are dusty and dirty. I would be happy to clean them up and take more pics if you are truly interested...

    Hi all, I recently purchased a persimmon red ZX12R and have spent the past few weeks getting it how I want it, still got a long way to go, planning to turn it into a sort of semi drag spec street racer. Anyway...I have just fitted an LED tail light that I purchased off eBay, supposedly a direct...
  3. need help!! and advise in acelaration failure zx12r 2001

    HI : Any one can help me my 2001 zx12r runs faster than ever before when full throttle and increasing speed, just when trying to go same steady speed start bouncing like if we're going not gas and gas again this happens at any speed and at any shift even in 6th shift even when going downshift...
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    2002 ZX12R
  5. 2002 Kawasaki ZX-12R for SALE!

    Here is my beautiful ZX12R for sale. Have a look in person to appreciate the care taken to keep the bike in this pristine condition. All OE original fairings, fenders and turn signals. Never Dropped. Fresh oil change with Motul 300V Coolant flush with Engine Ice. New Avon 3D Ultra front and rear...
  6. 2004 zx12r

    I have a 2004 ZX12R I put a 2003 motor on it it's not trying to fire is just spinning over and it's getting a backfire and getting Flames coming out the pipe what is the solution to this problem. Btw I took the cam sensor out of the 04 and put it in the 03 because the 03 I bought didn't come...
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    The hardest choice i will be making today....
  8. 2003 zx12r full titanium akrapovic exhaust

    I recently acquired the bike in a trade and the motor is already torn apart so im going to build a turbo motor and wont need this exhaust. Figured id sell instead of chopping up as they no longer sell these. I have no clue to what it is worth so im taking offers at this point. Located in...
  9. 2000 zx12r A1 Blowing Main Fuse while riding.

    I bought this bike as a starter bike a few months back and in the last 8 months she has blown 3 fuses and there's really no tale tell signs it's about to happen or any form of riding that causes it. We'll call these fuse blowings "events." 1st event: Cruising at 100mph at about 4,500rpm. 2nd...
  10. Zx12r VS mystery appearance drag race

    An amusing clip from the weekend. Respect to the guy that is a fast bike! But where did he come from? Lol. Enjoy.
  11. 2003 ZX12R part out.

    Hi all its with a bit of sadness Ive decided to part out my ZX12R. Im going racing in a 600cc class next year and I need the garage space.As of right now I have everything on the bike, Fairing have a god awful paintjob(po) but they are complete. I will start posting pics soon. But I figured Id...
  12. FS: 2001 A1 ZX12R for Sale UK

    Selling my 2001 ZX12R - just bought ZZ-R1400. Silver, 29,000 miles, full service history, lots of old MOTs etc. Good condition. Bike has ABM top yoke fitted with Renthal bars, but I also have the original yoke and bars ready to be fitted if required. Remus end can, pillion seat cowl...
  13. Zx12R need Some advice.

    NOS and Turbo
    Hello everyone, I'm planning to build a Drag bike that will stay Street Legal. So with licence plate and paperwork. The bike i got is a Zx12R out 2001. For now i got the folowing part's ready to bolt on: Front fork straps and the fork lowered. Mtc multistage lockup clutch with muzzy clutch...
  14. Interested In Learning about my 00 ZX12R

    I signed up to this site so I can learn more about my motorcycle. I have a 2000 zx12r. does anyone know of any good places to go to learn about this motorcycle? I have the owners manual but I'm not very mechanically inclined, yet. I'm hoping to learn how to do a lot to maintain and take care of...
  15. Ongoing zx12r charging issues PLEASE HELP

    General Discussion
    This has been an ongoing problem for the past month now, it started with the headlights not turning on the first time I start the bike. (restart the bike and they come on) I brought it to my mechanic, he tested everything and said I need a new junction box for the headlight issue, then told me...
  16. FS: 03 zx12r throttle bodies/ injectors

    I have throttle body set with injectors, throttle cables, air pressure sensor, injector wiring for sale $70 everything works I also have another set of throttle bodies for sale it comes with injectors $50 I do have pics and can send them to whoever is interested
  17. NOS Bottle Wheel/Tap needed

    NOS and Turbo
    Hi Guys I have a NX NOS kit fitted to my ZX12R and need a need a new Wheel for it I can only find them in US? does anyone have any idea where else in UK that sell? Thanks
  18. Rebuiding ZX12R Engine. Advice?

    So I am working on a engine rebuild after a failed piston. Here is the link to the album of pictures but i have embedded the rest in this post Here What happened was..... I was traveling home from work and cruising a calm 150 mph. Eventually she started to loose power. Came to a sputtering...
  19. My first morning with a ZX12r in the garage!

    General Discussion
    Morning all, picked up my new (03) zx12r yesterday! up at 5.30 this morning out to garage, to make sure its still there! optimate plugged in and hopefully recovering the battery. what a pain to get to eh? The clocks appear to not to know how to keep time?? (battery problem perhaps)? But who...
  20. Head lights not working, Relays and Fuse fine

    So its a 2000 zx12r and I got it last month. Head light relays missing and a switch being used to bypass the relay so the lights could be used. Ordered up the relays and installed them and no lights. Replaced the switch and boom I have lights. So I have power going to the Relay but its not...