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  1. High Idle Issues

    Hi everyone. I have an '02 Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R - F1 I'm pretty new to doing my own light maintenance, and until today, I haven't had any issues. A couple of weeks ago I invested in some 611 chain cleaner - which works like a dream. I also heard great things about Simple Green, but the 611 was...
  2. ZX6R vs ZX9R

    General Discussion
    I am currently looking to buy another bike and i am looking for some opinions from ZX9R owner's really. I currently own a 1996 ZX6R which has now gone the way of the dodo. I loved this bike and i used it for touring two up, commuting on, hooning around and rode it in all weathers. It was a very...
  3. Im looking for a 2000 zx9r muffler what mufflers will fit?

    Please help dealer wants lots of money for the muffler I want a cheap alternative or if anybody has a stock muffler sitting around I'm very interested also what mufflers from other bikes are compatible thank you so much in advance. 2000 zx9r
  4. 1999 ZX9 with 2000 plastic

    Hello All, I just bought/traded for a 1999 ZX9 and I've discovered it has 2000 body plastic (dual headlights). The fitting of the plastic is something to be desired. I can't tell if an idiot installed the plastic or if the 2000 parts aren't meant to fit a 1999. My question is, if I buy a new...
  5. 2001 Zx9 transmission in a 2000 Zx9

    Hi all, this is my first forumn post, so forgive me for being new. I have a 2000 ZX9 E1 edition that is currently big bored to a 936cc, has Ohlins rear suspension, muzzy full stainless exhaust, Scott's steering Dampener and numerous other upgrades. My transmission started to go recently, i.e...
  6. Kawasaki ZX9R Compatibility

    I have a 01' ZX9R and im looking for a gas tank. I need to know what years are compatible with mine. Thanks for your help!
  7. WTB...Gas tank and Fairings for 2002 Zx-9r

    Hey I'm new to this forum. I have had my zx9r for years. It has 19,000 original miles. I decided I didn't like the color any more and wanted to have it painted. I gave all of the fairings and the fuel tank to a "friend" to have them painted after I spent a lot of time prepping them for paint...
  8. zx9r engine ticking

    ok i just bought a zx9r 98 model about two weeks ago and it makes a ticking noise towards the head area. its not very loud but bein scared of a bike thats new to me, im worried about it. im thinking that the valve clearance just needs checked but i have never really worked on a sportbike. it...
  9. Kawasaki ZX-9R Facebook Page

    This Kawasaki ZX-9R Facebook Page is for anyone who loves the Kawasaki ZX-9R. If you are fan of the ZX-9R and you're on Facebook, become a Fan: Kawasaki ZX-9R | Facebook And if you have friends on Facebook who also love the ZX-9R, use the 'Suggest to Friends' link and let them know about it...