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01 zx750r no fire

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on my 01 zx7r I put a new igniter and wiring harness on my bike check all grounds and all plugins as well as cleaned all connectors to make sure they was free from any rust or dirt.... check all wires on harnes for 12v I'm good there and my little gray wire has 6v as it should so we are good on all this...

tried to start my bike and I'm not getting any fire just enough fire to teas me...it wants to start but there just isn't enough fire. my coils check out to just fine...key switch is good also and kick stand switch is also good and clutch switch....

anyone have any idea whats going on? I'm thinking the pulse coil pickup is bad ? I also need to know what and how to set or check the timing and I'm guessing the other is the rotor its like a disk with numbers on it...

not sure how to set eather one ot tell if the little disk is set right....ive been looking all over the internet for help and no luck...does anyone have a pdf file that can send to my email on this type work and bike.... 2001 Kawasaki zx750p zx74 ninja....thanks for your help:puzzled:
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