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Yesterday I read a comparison of the four 1000 cc machines (GSX-R, R1, Fireblade and 9R). It was a German magazine, Motorrad. As a little surprise, the Ninja was declared the winner!

Actually, it scored same as GSX-R, and I'm too lousy in German that I could understand why it won (maybe the well-known street rideability etc.). With the smallest engine of the bunch the performance numbers were quite the same as with the others (0-200 kmh 8,0 sec).

The order was: 1. ZX-9R, 2. GSX-R, 3. R1, 4. Fireblade.

My first thought was that I HAVE to get a new 9R! Well, I think I must get along with my old GPZ 500S - here in Finland those Ninjas cost about 22000 euros.

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