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ZX-12R B3H
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Ooh, I forgot. When you assemble the hoses, specially the hoses going in/out of the rear of the engine. One needs to install the hoses and tighten the hose clamps in a specific order. If you don't, you will not able to tighten the hose clamps, because the hoses will be in the way/interfere and there is NO room, even if you have tiny hands. So to any one who is planing on doing this, remember in what order you unclamp and pull out the the hoses, then assemble the hoses/tighten the hose clamps in the reverse order... If you don't do it this way, well here comes the kick to the dick again... I learned this the hard way when I did this project, so pay attention.. 馃挄

AMEN to that Brother ( except for the second kick to the ....) o_Oo_O

1 - 10 of 139 Posts