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12R Refresh Project

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I've been a member of this forum for quite a while, and have read numerous great threads where people have done rebuilds or clean up projects.
Now its my turn!
These days I'm flat out with work, have a 3yo daughter to chase around and another baby due in about a month - I'm very time poor...
So I decided - I need a new project! 😆

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Plant Vehicle

Over the years I've accumulated a heap of spare ZX12 parts, just because they're becoming rarer and prices for good parts is just going up.
Last week I spotted a 2004 B3 advertised on Marketplace - not running and no registration, a bit rough around the edges with a "fried ECU". Well good for me, I happened to have a spare ECU and key/lock set in the shed. The AUS/EUR 2004-2006 ZX12's have a built in immobilizer, so you cant just swap the ECU out and have it running. You need a matching key for it to start up.

I met up with the seller, it seemed as if someone had lost the keys in the past and an attempt to hotwire the bike was made.
First I installed the battery/tray from my 06 bike.
So I plugged in my spare ignition switch and ECU, cluster turned on, but there was still a fault light flashing at me.
I worked out quickly that the original ECU wasnt fried (it was in a box) but what was fried was the immobilizer antenna unit that sends the key information back to the ECU. This had been removed and opened - I'm guessing as part of the hotwire job.
Passive circuit component Circuit component Hardware programmer Computer hardware Electronic component

I pulled the immobilizer antenna unit off my 06 bike and then the immobilizer fault codes stopped and the fuel pump primed. I wasn't too keen to fire it up yet as the fuel was pretty stale, and I was unsure what the tank condition was actually like.
Looking over the bike, I thought even if the motor was no good, I could probably make my money back by parting it out.
Its got a full Yoshimura exhaust system, Power Commander, carbon fenders, good Radial forks - etc etc etc
Title checked out ok, so after a bit of bargaining the bike was now mine.
I checked the oil and coolant, disconnected the Power commander, installed the fuel tank from my 06 bike and fired it up.
Seemed to be nice and smooth, no strange noises from the motor. A win I think!

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Plant Vehicle
Tire Wheel Vehicle Fuel tank Automotive lighting

Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive fuel system

Got it warm and dropped the oil. Also noticed the cam cover gasket is leaking a bit and making a mess, possibly the cam position sensor o-ring.
It had a 0004 oil filter - I haven't bought one of these since 2010, so that tells me the oil probably hasn't been changed for a very very long time.
Fluid Water Cylinder Drink Bottle

I had a look in the Oil for glitter, or any indications of metal - nothing visible to my eyes. I'll probably cut the filter open later for a look.
Fitted a new 0008 filter, sump bolt gasket and some fresh Aussie Penrite 10w-40 Synthetic Oil
Product Font Material property Fluid Wood

While I was doing this I decided to remove a bunch of little LED "show lights" that were on the bike. The fuse box was missing a couple fuses so I replaced them too. Tail light fuse was blown - strange...
I also pulled the Genuine air filters out, and checked the condition of the air box. Pretty clean. Replaced the filters with some cleaner low use OEM filters that originally came off my brother's old ZX12. Only other option I have here are BMC Race, but dont think this needs them yet!

Went to fire the bike up with the new oil. No go!
What? I hadn't done anything besides remove the LED's. I checked a few things, and nothing was out of the ordinary.
Fault code was showing Cam Timing sensor. Pulled the sensor out of my 06 and swapped them. Still no go.
Checked the wiring diagram in the Workshop Manual. Pin 12 on the ECU.
This is what I found -
Hood Electrical wiring Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Computer hardware

Obviously part of the hotwire job. Tried to inject power from the tail light to the ECU - this explains why the Tail light fuse was blown.
Reinstalling the fuse was sending a dodgy voltage signal to the ECU. I cut the wire and the bike started again!

Put the original Cam pos sensor back in with a new O-ring.

Got it warm and just checked the TPS voltages.
This handy adapter from NinjaYorkie makes an easy job of it!

Light Electrical wiring Gauge Measuring instrument Auto part

Not much else done. I've got to come up with a bit of a plan for it.
Fuel tank and fuel pump is probably the highest priority to get checked out.
But I'm thinking for now, change the leaking cam cover gasket - while I'm at it check valve clearances and change spark plugs and the figure 8 gaskets.
Radiator and coolant flush while I'm at it.
Needs a new battery and tyres and I've got a few little parts to chase up.
Then probably fork oil, brake fluid, and check all bearings.
Besides the Chinese fairings, its in pretty good condition. The carbon front fender and rear hugger are pretty nice.
I do have a complete full set of genuine 04 Candy Thunder Blue fairing's I can put on this bike.
It will make a nice clean street bike. My brother is already talking about buying it off me - he sold his 2006 ZX12 a couple of years ago when he moved overseas for work, but due to Covid he returned home and is missing his old bike. I'll have a think about that...

Stay Tuned!
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That's a good find Steve, interesting to see how well it works.
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$45 aftermarket vs $435 OEM..
Maybe I'll just buy another anyways and cut it open for a look....
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Put the new fuel filter in.
Took the strainer off the suction and gave that a good clean too, not that there was too much there..
Machine Office supplies Engineering Fashion accessory Metal

Part of the hotwire - something had been spliced into the fuel pump wiring..
Electrical wiring Cable Gas Electrical supply Electronic device

To clean it up I decided to keep the joints to a minimum. Had some spare terminals etc from another project that matched-
Gas Audio equipment Wire Electrical wiring Cable

I'm not a fan of soldering, so its got 1 good crimp join here.
Automotive tire Tread Bicycle tire Electrical wiring Tire

Heat shrunk, new terminal on and I reused the original black seal from the rear of the connector which was in good condition.
Electricity Electronic engineering Gas Electrical wiring Cable

Sorted 👍🏼
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Auto part Gas Rim

New vent hose on front of the tank
Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Rim Vehicle door

Just missing the cover that the hose slips into here!
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Coil Tread Gas
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Well, I was missing this bracket that holds the wiring harness in place under the tank. Chavcat sent me one from Canada!
Bumper Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Auto part

Original type push in cable tie -
Black Auto part Metal Musical instrument accessory Automotive tire

Sorted.. cut the cable tie so the tail length matches the original on my other bike.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Bumper

My lower radiator mount bracket was busted where it bolts to the motor. Well there was another item in the package from Chavcat.
Cheers mate!
Hand tool Bicycle part Tool Household hardware Nickel

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Rim Automotive design
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When my brother sold his B6F a couple of years ago, he returned it to stock and kept the PC5 to sell separately. Conveniently I hadn't sold it yet!
I plugged in the PC3USB that came with the bike and downloaded the map it was running for the Yoshi exhaust. Then installed the PC5 on the bike and uploaded the map to it.
Font Hardware programmer Electrical wiring Circuit component Electronic device

Plugged in my home made KLEEN pump eliminator connector
Light Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Electrical wiring

New fast idle cable to go on too
Hood Automotive design Automotive tire Sleeve Motor vehicle

"Factory" quick action throttle tube with grip - well its the OEM part for ZX14 and a few other Kawasaki's
Automotive tire Tire Fluid Bumper Automotive exterior

Bit of a difference between the throttle tube cams (ZX12 top, ZX14 bottom)
Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Wood Auto part

New Bar end weights to replace the chrome ones that came with the bike
Automotive tire Light Motor vehicle Automotive wheel system Gas

Tire Wheel Automotive fuel system Automotive tire Motor vehicle
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Fork job next - time for new clean oil and seals.
Office supplies Writing implement Material property Font Stationery

Tool kit I bought from Traxxion Dynamics a couple of years ago is great! Has everything you need for the job. Using 5w fork oil.
Wood Satellite phone Office supplies Office equipment Brush

Seals with their part numbers:
White Sleeve Font Material property Paper

Just a bit murky...
Wood Coil spring Gas Wood stain Hardwood

I polished up the inner tubes, and removed whatever high spots/rust that were present.
Pulled out the cartridges, completely cleaned everything out, pumped and drained new oil through the valves a couple of times to give them a flush then reassembled.
Polished everything up to look good, then applied some Innox spray to whats exposed of the inner fork tubes to help protect the surface.
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Engine crane with a soft sling through the ram air openings of the frame:
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

Fork clamps and bearings out. Bearings seem to be in good condition. Just time for a re-grease.
Bicycle part Automotive tire Gas Plumbing Cylinder

Top seal was broken
Wheel Automotive tire Rim Paint Automotive wheel system

Part number for new one:
Automotive tire Tire Font Gas Rim

Everything cleaned up and re-greased
Cylinder Gas Tints and shades Engineering Metal

I forgot to take a photo of the grommet I'd inserted from inside of the air box where it protrudes into the steering tube, but it looks nice and snug.
Bicycle Bicycle frame Bicycle handlebar Bicycle wheel Bicycle tire

Bearing preload set good, forks back on, front wheel, calipers... everything torqued up properly.

Ditch these factory brake line clamps, they're a PITA
Blue Automotive tire Thumb Gas Electric blue

This style used on a heap of the newer Kawasaki models is a better option
Blue Automotive lighting Gas Electric blue Font

Candy Thunder Blue front fender polished up and fitted. Front end is basically done. Haven't decided which Brakes I'll be using yet, but the factory Tokicos will be fine for a shake down ride around the neighbourhood. Probably will fit some ZX14 Nissin's or possibly even some '05-'07 Fireblade calipers which look basically identical to the factory Tokicos besides the colour - oh and they actually work! The black calipers might also suit the black fork lowers.
Still need to fit a new tyre as well, but for now fitted my spare front wheel/tyre which still has a little bit of life left in it.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting
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This is an excellent build thread Steve with good pics and info on ordered parts and their part numbers for future reference.
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This is an excellent build thread Steve with good pics and info on ordered parts and their part numbers for future reference.
Thanks Don
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