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1995 klx250 not running right

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Hi all. I’m fairly experienced at working with engines, but that being said, every engine has its own specific issues... I recently purchased a new to me trail bike. A 1995 klx250. That looked to be in decent shape. Other than some popping on decel and at idle”what little it would idle” .. which I chocked up to a dirty carb. After getting it home and doing some more research.. I realized that this bike has had some “Stroker” mods done. The P.O installed a Stroker manualdecomp lever, and hot start plunger routed from the air box to a port on the intake. And swapped the carb with a minkuni tm33 pumper carb, with a 142.5 main and 42.5 pilot .. I cleaned the carb checked the spark plug and have managed to get the bike running but the idle is very high and uneven and it is still Popping and idles rough ... when I try to turn down the idle adjustment to wear it should be it dies. In my experience I would say vacuum leak but I can’t seem to locate one anywere round the carb...any ideas? ... also I have the air/fuel screw turned out about 2 1/4 turns. Any one else had this issue with these mods. Any trouble areas to check out ? Generally I would just keep tinkering, but I haven’t got a lot of time to spend on it, so thought maybe someone would have some ideas.
bike specs
cyl250cc, comp 165psi.,
carb: tm33 pumper with 142.5 main and 42.5 pilot. Air screw about 2 turns out. With an open air box lid and a k&n filter
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