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Hello All,

I just bought/traded for a 1999 ZX9 and I've discovered it has 2000 body plastic (dual headlights). The fitting of the plastic is something to be desired. I can't tell if an idiot installed the plastic or if the 2000 parts aren't meant to fit a 1999.

My question is, if I buy a new body kit, should I buy a 2000 kit or a 1999 kit? Are there fitment issues if attempting to put 2000 plastic on a 1999 model? If so, I am curious about the gauges. I've heard the 1999 gauges don't fit on a 2000. Does a stock 1999 seat fit on 2000 plastic?

If I revert back to 1999 plastic, I'll have to find a 1999 headlight (and maybe a seat). Also gauges?

Lots of questions and I'm lost right now because I'm not familiar with ZX900's.

Any help is appreciated.

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