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Just gettin' the word out of some parts my buddy is selling off of a 2000 9R!!!

Radiator w/fan and hoses - $200

Radiator Overflow tank - $10

Rear disc brake assembly, including pads, resevoir and assembly. Still sealed, just bolt it on!! - $100

Rear shock with compression dampner and ride height adjustment!! Complete! - $60

Rear seat lock and catch mechanism - sorry, no key but one can be made! - $10

Passenger foot pegs - both sides - $25

Front cowling - behind front wheel, Black Mica (dark purple) - $25

Swingarm - $175

Airbox - $15

Hopefully none of these prices are out of line, my buddies just cleaning out his garage and doesn't really know what to ask for them. (neither do I!)

If somethings out of line, just let me know.....

You can email me at [email][email protected][/emai[/email]

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