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2000 dash on 1994 model zx9r?

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I have just purchased a '94 ZX-9R.

The dash is looking a bit tired and the fuel gauge doesn't work. What I would like to do is replace it with a current model dash.

Anyone done this?

How do you hook the lcd part of the dash up to the sensors?

I assume that the lcd shows the temp and fuel gauge?

Any ideas appreciated?


Brenton Spear - Melbourne, Australia

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You may have a few problems. Namely, the Speedo. The B models have a spin cable, and the C,E, and F models have electronic sensors. there is no fuel gage on the 98 and above models, and I am not sure the voltage requirements can be met. If you want to go trick, get a GP inst panel, all dig and I think they can be custom done for any bike.

I had to switch to the 00 gauges on my 99 It was a pain in the ass I searched forever to get the wiring schematic to swap over but I dont think its possible on the 94, Like he said cable spedometer
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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