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Red 2000 ZX-12R: Done
Lowered 1 3/8" front and middle hole of Muzzy's links.
K&N air filter.
Yoshimura Race Duplex High system with Titanium can.
Yoshimura EMS-The timing map made the most incredible change to throttle response.
Yoshimura 3-way map switch.
Muzzy's fan.
JetHot 2000 exhaust system coating, blue.
Vortech 49 tooth rear sprocket.
Removing everything not needed.
Haltech monitor.
Oil high reading recall temperature and pressure gauges.
Kill switch.
Yellow Box.
KCAS gone.
Crankcase venting to exhaust.
N2O-swingarm extension-turnsignals-gear indicator-shift light-safety wiring-new battery-race gas-front fender-44/45 tooth rear sprockets.

Candy Persimmon Red may be slower, but I'm trying!

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crankcase ventalation

Doing some final mods on my 2000 12.Getting ready to remove the kleen air.What's the deal with negative cc venting.I heard it can make an extra 2-3 hp! Is this true!If so could someone tell me how it's done! 8)

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Did my crankcase venting, k&n,and a fitch fuel cat.Went back to the dyno and got peak gain of .9 hp!!!! That sucks terds,but on the
otherhand it gianed 3hp in the midrange!SO my bike has 175.4 bhp,not to bad.Next comes head porting,tb's,and timing.I need 190,can it be done??? :twisted:
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